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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

okay the test results are in

and they show significant improvement even from last week. The only area we don't see an improvement is in the actual eyesight/double vision.
But ny compensation for it in being able to walk and do things has improved geatly. I walked with out a mechanical aid todya(yes, some one was watching out for me).
The therapist challange me and I challege my self and things do change.

A long time ago I spent two months in Va Beach snd loved it, after my Dad died, I spent some time getting my mom back there so she could be with her family and in a comfortable invironment and with her family (who are to numerous to count).
That is my future location, when Stamford finally lets me go, we all have a place to be together, and besides my mom's place, I have a place to be.
The area has a lot more people than Stamford and yet I have witnessed acts of kindness and courtsey that I have never seen in Stamford.
An example - a series of heay traffic mergers where everyone alternated so there was an even traffic flow and it was not because there was a cop or even traffic signs to suggest it, it just happened.
Yes, sometimes people do stupid things and there are accidents, but it is more becuase people are doing stupid things, rather than the blatant aggression that I see in Stamford.
People not only walk in the cross walks provided, but cars stop for them! Unheard of in Stamford.
Virginia Beach is a new city, incorporated after WWII, yet they seem to have found themselves and are comfortable with it, yet I know they go through adjustments on a regular basis.

Maybe Stamford needs a little more time to become well adjusted.
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