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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reflections and thankfulness

After everything, I stepped back again to see exactly what has been happening. It is sometimes neccissary many times because, my metal health is not always good.

1) If I hadn't had the surgery, I would have been dead or seriously disabled very shortly.
It is gone
2) the surgery has had two very interesting results, my blood pressure is now normal and I lost
20 pounds. (my doctor thinks it was the tumor, not the weight loss that changed the blood
presure and I will acept his idea for now)
3) The hospital stay has monitered my blood sugar like never before and basically, I found any
oriblems very simply controled -1 pill a day
4) My disabling headaches are gone - they were so severe that for 20 seconds, I couldn't open
my eyes and they might have killed me before the tumor.
5) The surgery did not affect my cognitive ability, nor my sence of humor.
6) The whole incident has given me a better emotional and spiritual perspective on things annd
let me not try to control so much.
7) also let me be more thankful for what I have ( I guess that is both spiritual and emotional)

The downside has been my eyes and everyone keeps tells me that will change soon...
But besides driving a car and working, a patch seems to let me read some cause I am getting along very well, walking and doing things without aid.

All in all, it has been positive, but I am waiting fir still more, so the story is not finished
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