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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wat is Happening to me?

I am bewildered,
things that I thought long dormant or gone from my life come streaming back.
I wake up in verse, wanting to write it and of course I turn here.
I want to paint, create, meet people, be with friends.
My God, has this long shell of isolation I have forced myself to live in for many years been broken?
If I work to look, I would say that the right side of my brain has awakened from a long slumber.
As a man, to feel the rush of emotional views is worrisome, but I check, I am still a man.
The dry wit is still there, the calculus and the science, the analytical thought,
but it is joined by waves of feelings and of perspectives of feeling.
A friend came by and called me a Renaissance man,
but that was before and it was only by what he could see...
Art, science, care blending in one person.
I was not yet feeling the way I am,
Now it would be ture, for there is a true blending of my heart, my mind and my soul.
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