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Thursday, January 29, 2009

As the keyboard holder falls apart.

Yes, that is what is happening at this moment, a screw fell out and the keyboard is bouncing a bit. The real problem, Is I heard the screw fall out, but can't see it :(! This of course is what does happen during the current part of my adventure, I still have to get used to things. On the other hand, i am thankful at how far I have come. I think all the doctors thought i would be over things by now, but some people with more wisdom have told me 1) I will get better! and 2) it will be a slow road, no quick miracles for m! That's alright, having been exposed to the "magician God" concept that plagues many fundamentalist camps, I think they can keep their concept, I am learning far more this way and thankfulness is a big part of that. My big concerns, I keep dreaming of work. Not bad dreams, just dreams of different people, good and bad, their strangeness and faults and the goodness.

Now just a quick item: some experimentation I have done in the past.
A Rainy Corner Spring in a window
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