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Monday, January 19, 2009

A quiet day

The day is snowy again and I kept it slow, especially yesterday. The joy of seeing singly while wearing my reading glasses, doing things that are within about 3 feet of me was having a side effect. I didn't want to take the glasses off, but when i looked at anything out of focus (4 feet maximum), the distortion was intense and it cause some perceptual difficulties when i tried to just patch one eye. This is not a good thing, so most of today, I just patch an eye and kept my life fairly simple. I mean, I did things like strip my bed and wash my sheets and another load of laundry, shoveled the sidewalk, walked Jake (the Dog), cleaned the kitchen floor and a couple of minor things. I know that doesn't sound like a lot and i rested in between each chore, but it beat being dizzy and it made me feel good that i was able to do that much. Now I am finishing with this blog and finishing cooking dinner (no biggy, pasta with a homemade meat sauce). I think I will sleep just fine tonight.
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