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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Problems and outlook

I sway,
left to right,
right to left,
as if drunk,
but haven't consumed a drop!
The world doubles and swirls,
The snow outside hasn't stopped.

Welcome to my world, at this time. It almost seems worse that some times I can see well, because when i can't it is a real pain, but I woke up still thankful for all that i have.
At this point, I often branch out to the amny different things in other peoples lives:
A person I call a brother (but not by blood) in Virginia with significant heart problems and no insurance;
A friend here in Stamford, whose mom is having issues with unresponsive doctors,
Uncool's child with the autoimmune disease,
Manager moms' mom just diagnosed with cancer.
All these people remind me as a Buddhist saying - In this world, there is suffering.
My corollary is problems become what we make of them or they make of us what they are.
No more for today.
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