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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I might call blogging my new therapy, it helps my mind say things that exist only in my heart, usually. Those who I have met (when I knew about, but had not yet embarked on my adventure), those who have responded to my prolific (I think) posting and those who I have read and lifted my spirits by either keeping me in the loop of downtown Stamford or keeping me laughing by your comical adventures (in person, I am a funny guy with dry wit, it just never reaches the written word except for one liners on other blogs). The interesting thing here in blogger land is that I feel like a complete amateur, especially after reading some of the profiles of some of you and just plain reading some of the postings. Lets face it there are a lot of writers, journalist and other professional people out here and I feel my ramblings are just that. At some point I will probably move my environmental info (were it is safe to say I am an expert) to a different blog (and of course there will be no comments on that site). My mobility at getting at an inside scoop of how government is very limited at this point (although I do get some info that would be better not to post). I certainly do not have a scoop on the comings and goings of restaurants anymore from either the Health Department perspective or the management perspective and some of you with real estate connections have much better info.
No this is not a swan song and some point I will be back at work (as soon as I can see straight again), but my adventure has gone on a lot longer than I would have ever dreamed.
So again, I thank all of you for your humor, words of encouragement, useful and useless information and poetry that has made me a better person during this long internment.
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