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Monday, January 5, 2009


Funny how a day goes. Went for a walk with David to downtown, stopped at the library and ran into an old friend (Okay truth be told she was someone I wanted to have as a girlfriend, but she was not into it). The greeting was very warm and of course, she noticed a lot of things right away, the patch, the cane, that I lost a lot of weight. The first words were, "O my God, what happened to you? Tell me all about it" Then she says, "You look good, younger!" "So talk to me."
With an invite like that, of course I told her about my adventure. I am all about reconciliation, so I can meet some one who I used to have a relationship with and talk with them completely, it was good. I sent an email earlier to the girl I was seeing in August to try to create the same atmosphere. It worked for me, my heart was clear, but she didn't quite understand, she thought I wanted to get back together, which I would not do. Being confused about a persons intent is not something I want in my life.
So the walk was good, I was physically very tired and my eyes and heart could rest peacefully.
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