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Thursday, February 5, 2009

a Good day

I was told there would be good days and bad. The day before was not so good, yesterday was good. Finishing my painting (save for the couple of minor things I will play with when I look at it again), A walk in the freezing cold to downtown Stamford and an evening when i could read the computer screen (something that has been difficult for several days at night). This meant I could do my conservatorship work last night (I volunteer to help some one with mental disabilities manage their money) and not have to work on it along with everything else this morning.
I am also getting my head ready to go back to work. The priority is getting use to using the glasses so I do not look half in the bag (and also so I do not spill anything important). Walking, eye exercises, body exercises, computer work are all part of that discipline. As my other blogger contacts and friends seem to be going through so much, I do marvel at the healing ability of blogging.
If I haven't said it before, Thanks for being here!
It is always worth repeating!
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