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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So what do I do in the morning?

I wake up, first! In many ways it is a wonderful feeling to feel the act of waking up (I remember times both before the surgery and after that waking up was nothing but a struggle).
I brew a coffee and then sit back in my bed drinking the coffee and trying my eye exercises (and there seems to be some improvement).
Some time during this time, I must use the facilities, then I get dressed, put on the reading glasses and start looking at the different new posts. Of course "Uncool" gets me laughing. Most of the time I can say something, but on occasion "Stamford Talks'" "Fancy Pancakes" post are beyond my experience and I am unable to add anything, funny, constructive or otherwise, as she posts about her pregnancy.
Then there are a variety of Stamford local issues, which are always of interest:
"Blog Stamford"
"Streets of Stamford"
"Stamford, the place that Works?"
There are a few more and sometimes the info is duplicated, but still it keeps my fingers in things.
Then I usually go over with baited breathe to "Unloaded", hoping that there will be the final installment of the riveting "Bennington Girl" posts.
Usually I end up at " WingDangDo", who has a great wit about her, even when going through tragedy. She has made me cry a couple of times.
My final refreshment is with "Cogito Ergo Suma" with her art and "Really" and her movie and book reviews.
Most of these bloggers are from Stamford (all, I think) and it is a good way to get going, then I post something going on whether it is worthwhile to anyone but me doesn't matter. It is worthwhile to me and occasionally I am surprised by references and comments!
Then I have breakfast and work out for 15 minuted.
Then it is time for a 15 minute break and it is usually 10 or so and if David is home we get ready for a walk. If you see someone with a blond would cane walking the streets of Stamford, it really is not an unknown bum, it is me, a known bum...until next week!
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