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Friday, February 27, 2009

The weekend has meaning again!

Yes, it seems strange to all of you reading this that I really enjoy my job.

Yes, I have already managed to help several people with various water issues, including for a new home, where the lab waited a full day before doing the pH. I know that doesn't seem like much, but since a large part of acidity in this area is dissolved carbon dioxide, waiting a day is really not a good thing.

And Yes, most importantly are my several friends, who are very close, that i am in daily contact with.

Of course there also the colors and smoke and mirrors.

Being there, while fun, took all my energy. I am in a sense, starting from scratch. Most of the reagents that I need for testing are out of date and none of the quality control on instruments has been done for 7 months. So far I have coliform bacteria, pH and Nitrogen as nitrite and nitrate up and running.
Next week more challenges, but now after 4 part days, I am looking forward to the weekend. It was fun while i lasted!
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