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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Everytrhings coming up daisies

Well i made it to 11:30 AM today and then crashed for 30 minutes...Not bad.
I am a little worried that the last 3 titles have been from songs (Every see the Buffy the vampire slayer episode, "Once more with feeling"? Good reason to be worried there.
Today I was surprised by the amount of dust i was still clearing off, did some more QC work, made a solution to determine Nitrite levels in water and hopefully will get the reduction column ready tomorrow (that requires working with 6 N Hydrochloric acid and I didn't want to do that today.
Looked up info on Bed bugs, 85 submissions in 2008, the same as 2007. I expected that. It isn't that there are fewer bed bugs, it is just that the landlords are taking things seriously and are working with the tenants on the problem, not throwing their hands up and saying its your fault.
Something similar happened with lead in 1990's, the landlords did not want to deal with the Health Department dealing with them, so as many units as they could, they gut rehabbed. This is the primary reason there is only a minimal problem with lead in Stamford (the numbers dropped from about 35% elevation to less than 5% in 5 years and it keeps going down!).
Well enough of that, I guess I am doing Okay!
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