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Friday, March 6, 2009

A bit much

My eyes have been bugging me lately, but it is okay cause I think it is because they are improving. The reading glasses which have the most prism effect, seem to be useless and I am doing most of my work with the regular distance glasses (reading included). This of course tires out my eyes, but I am checking separation distances and there is a slight change. The Appointment on Tuesday was canceled cause the doctor was not in, so it is rescheduled for the 17th. Who knows where I will be at that time.
I figure this might happen and may have to limit my work time a bit, but that is okay, I miss calculated in September and I have more days left than I had figured.
What else? My mom fell in Virginia. It was not serious and I actually anticipated it. They were trying to find out why she is so anemic and took a bone marrow sample, but the doctor caused some pain (this is not abnormal) in the left leg where he took it from. My mom does too much on here own and was taking out the trash and lost her balance. No broken bones, no sprains, but she could not get up. She had a life line and pressed it...finally. Then a neighbor came home and found her after the ambulance was on the way. My Aunt called me and I knew that something like this was up, cause she doesn't call otherwise.
My aunt wants my mom in assisted living, my mom has no intention of going. I stay out of the battle of wills. She will probably go to something temporary, but she will be back to her place soon enough.
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