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Saturday, March 7, 2009

What were They Thinking?

It took me just a bit, but I am furious! The following awards go tyo:
1) My mom's doctors, who while searching for the causeof her anemia decided to take a bone marrow sample in the office.
The reasons I am mad? I know that the sampling hurts - severely and my mom complained
about it. For God's sakes, she is 85! What was their lack of comprehension?
2) I know treatments have improved, but they are, from my understanding, very debilitating. So if the doctor finds something wrong with her bone marrow, just what is he going to do to treat her? A bone marrow transplant????
Again, she is 85. She has lived a long and very productive life. If this is serious
(which I do not know yet), then make her comfortable, do NOT put her in agony.
3) Of course my aunt (her sister) believes all old people should be in nursing homes and using this to try to prevail her thought on my mom.
My mom has been very self sufficient, she fell cause she took out the garbage after
having a bone marrow sample. I probably would have fallen. She has been independent
and self willed for all her life. She got a pilots license at 18, she left home to go to
Washington DC to be a Nurse at 24, she still drives, very well I might add and goes out
several times a week. She is not an invalid and does have some help come every week.
4) My poor independent mom, who refused to ask for help to take a very heavy trash can out.
I will say no more on that matter.

But all is not complaining
5) To the other side, there is David, who got employee of the month at Pet Smart for February! I gues his love of animals shows real good!
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