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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Okay, there's no label for this one

So my Mom is still in the hospital in VA Beach. I got a good report from my cousin and says mostly they are keeping her for a UTI and observation. Somewhere, someone realized the pain from the bone marrow sample was too much and that is the big deal. SO she will be released to a short term rehab unit until she is back to her normal. Then we find out the results of the bone marrow test some 2 weeks from now.
This really did get me upset, my own BP has been higher than it should be and I have been agitated. On top of that, I popped the lens out of my glasses and was basically blind for half the day. John, the engineer of the house (yes, really a building engineer) put the glasses together and I can see again.
There will be a new upscale Mexican restaurant/tequila bar in Port Chester in June - not in Stamford. I actually encourage first time restaurant's to go to other towns because it is a bit difficult to go through the plan review in Stamford (As Wild Buffalo Wings and Mary Anns' are finding out). I actually approve of the concept (you get it started the best as possible, read as close to CT code here, and then it takes a while for it to go down hill). This in turn retards the occurrence of food borne illnesses due to faulty equipment. It does work cause the number of super investigations have been down since that policy was instituted a while back. Of course the Pellichi's incident happened first.
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