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Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Monday

When I made my post yesterday, I am sure I had some snappy title in mind, but I wasn't doing all that good yesterday. My glasses fell apart, my mom was on my mind and I was not all together (of course I do not remember ever being all together, but never mind).
We have an odd custom at or house recently and that is Sunday night dinner is at the Stamford, IHOP. Now IHOP is not all that good, I think John makes much better pancakes and the dinners are just so so, kinda like a diner, but the help is nice and down right fun. Most do not write down orders and get them right. The two waitresses have a thing for John. John is 6 foot something and built like a lumberjack. He is one of the gentlest people I have ever met and both of them go over to him a give him hugs, disappearing into his massive frame. I think it is like hugging a giant teddy bear, who would not want to. His profession is that of a building engineer, so in the building he takes care of , he does everything from electrical to painting and he does it well.
On my work, I have been busy, very busy. The tick season is beginning and one of the places who we will send the tick to has changed, not only their prices, but what they do and so we have to change our forms as well (no, they don't provide them for us). Only a few water tests and the machine we need is still waiting for final approval.
I think it will be big if we get it! And I can not wait!
David got called into pet smart at 6:30 Am, cause pet owners are still bording their pets! Good for David.
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