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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Slightly down

I am dealing with a lot of emotion reading various posts, it is intense.
My mom is in a rehab facility for a couple of weeks and of course she doesn't answer her cell, making a little freaked out, but there is no reason for concern, besides the fall, nothing happened to her and the rest with people around her will do her good. Maybe she could do this every so often, not get hurt but get into a "transitional" facility for a week or so. I do not know what I am saying, that is kinda what would happen when she would come up here, I would take care of her, drive her around and she would not have to do anything. Every time except this last time, I could not take care of her, I was too weak. And it put a strain on her cause she wanted to take care of me, but could not. That is why she went home in November. It was stressful on her, she just could not say it.
Work is going, but I am getting really tired at the end of a half day. There is so much to do and I do not have a full energy to do it.
There is a lot more budget stuff going on and it puts pressure on my boss to have us do less. The other girl complains there is not enough to do and I feel overwhelmed. I do not like this at all.
Old familiar customers stop by saying they are glad i am back and bring water to be tested.
The State inspector wants to come down and inspect, I am not ready.
I am doing what is needed to insure that what ever report I generate will work with teh proper quality control. For every one test there are 5 or 6 control procedures to run, that is a lot of work.
I think I am rambling, so i will close down.
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