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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lost it!

My frustration levels have been growing as my eyes are acting up. I see the optometrists on Tuesday, but I am not convinced that there is anything that is bad about this, It just makes my life miserable. With the glasses, my clear vision field is shrinking, from both sides, long and short distances. They are doubling the opposite way which I see without the glasses. This means of course I am getting better, but the intensity of trying to do things is great.
Of course it does not stop me (do I take after my mom here?). Today, I had fun something that was found in a canned product was brought to me to identify and I have started the ball rolling for another potential recall. Of course I was disgusted, but like any good investigator, I had fun identifying the item, a processed rodent. I guess dead things don't bother me, just like on any good CSI or NCIS show. This actually cheered me up from the funk I had been feeling the day before.
Where did I lose it? Last night after watching a very intence video called MR Poole, which was very good, but the emotional range I identified with way to much andgot fairly upset at the end of the movie. Poor Dave was mystified and I told him we really need to stick to light romatic comedies.
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