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Monday, March 30, 2009

Cleaning up

I talked about thought a post or so ago, well it comes again, this time at work. i thought I had cleaned up the place fairly well and was expecting to go forward today with other projects.
The I noticed this red stain on my lab coat. The stain is actually very pretty, almost a magenta and I knew exactly where it came from, except I had not started with the coliform broth yet.
And I found it every where and it stains the hands on cloths and really takes alcohol to clear it away and acid to remove the stain. I guess it had spilled in my absence and I did finally manage to clean it up. It was at that point my coworker decided to spill cartridge toner from theprinter for our hematology machine...everywhere. It was clean up day in the lab.
It was also reassurance day.
Three of the calls were to assure people that whatever it was they were sure was going to kill them, was not. One was earthworms, the other 2 had to do with rusty looking water for the water company pipes. All looked disgusting, but were no way dangerous (the water will taste a bit bitter, bt that is all).
Fun day.
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