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Monday, March 23, 2009


I had a chance to share with a friend going threw a hard time, so it was time to share with everyone/
Both learned during my adventure

I have a tendency to get worked up, riled up and otherwise messed up when I want to fight a battle, particularly one where the other side is so clearly wrong.
I learned and have to remind myself often that that is not how to win a battle.
It is when you are full of confidence in what you believe, have done or just who you are and it simply no longer matters what the "other" side thinks, says or does, that you win and what the other side does or does not do no longer matters anyway.

Lesson 2: Was more interesting because I always thought that when I was king, generous or thoughtful it would come back when I wanted it or from the persons or person I wanted it from.
This is not so.
It comes back when you really need it.
It comes back from strangers and people always there for you.
no more to be said
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