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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Past the annual

I as truly out of it on March 18th of this year, after those eye exercises and everything and totally missed my annual, I mean my first anniversary of blogging! Yes I started on March 18th, 2008 and it is all StamfordTalk's fault! Now i really did not get going well until May 10 (2 posts in March of 2008), but StamfordTalk did inspire me. Well i stand corrected, I did do an environmental post on March 5, 2008! Still, it was StamfordTalk who helped me understand the joys of blogging and then I found out just how important it was during my adventure, proceeding to blog as often as I could chronicling the long road from babbling idiot to sane man again.
It was beyond my expectations an extremely valuable tool in my recovery and along the way I picked up a number of people who I would call on line friends. the support has been real, the issues have been real. The stories have been incredible!
So for everyone who has every stopped by, read or left a comment or a prayer, I thank you.
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