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Thursday, April 16, 2009

An afternoon in the life of a neighborhood

I sit on our porch.
It is the only open porch on the street, all the others have been converted to "rooms".
The sun shines warmly on my arms , the wind is cool on my face. I wear a flannel shirt, unbuttoned and rolled up my arms. It feels good.
There is a dove cooing on the line, there are children from the neighborhood playing out in the street. This street is safe for children, it is short, looks like a dead end, but isn't and is very narrow.
Cars cannot go fast, even if they wanted to.
The children play and laugh. A parent comes out and checks on them, everything is fine, The children continue paying and laughing.
It is a mixed group, Latin, polish, Jamaican, Haitian, Anglo.
There are more than 5 languages spoken on the street. The kids communicate in English.
They laugh.
There are Italian, Anglo, Polish, Haitian, American Blacks, Jamaicans, people from Trinidad and from various Latin countries.
There are renters and owners living together.
Their children play together.

The children are all laughing and playing together.
The kids pass me and all say hi. They always say hi and I always say hi back. They are nice, respectful and ready to engage any adult in conversation. Sometimes they ask for help with things they can't do themselves. I try when I can.
They are still laughing and playing.
A parent scurries off to a second job.
The street is two way, but usually only one car can really pass at a time. there is parking only on one side. The temperature is in they upper 50's, the sun is shinning strongly, the wind is gentle.
The Forsythia are bright yellow in the garden in front of my house.
The children are still laughing and playing.
The sun has gotten warm. It is peaceful and beautiful. I am tired from a full part time day of work.
This is a Stamford mixed neighborhood!
There are not many left.
This is what this town should be like.
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