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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reflections, again. I do it a lot!

Didn't feel like posting yesterday, but felt fine. Today was a must.
I remember at the beginning, before the operation, being afraid of death.
I don't know if i am not afraid any more or if it just does not matter anymore.
I do know I am no longer afraid of living.
Having almost died 3 times within the adventure, I found that each experience was not that big a deal.
I do not like being so dependent on others (not being able to drive is a pain, especially in Stamford), they have enough on their plate.
I know I was always too timid in many ways. Now I find myself speaking my mind easily.
I am still careful about others, I find being kind easier.
stayed til 2 Pm at work, i realized that i am putting in almost a full day ( 7 hours, I am doing 6) and that I am enjoying it when i am busy, busy.
I am taking on certification testing now and will have a state/federal inspection soon.
This all keeps me going.
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