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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And the verdict is in!

Drum roll please!

My household consist of 3 "meat and potatoes" kind of guys.
One is Mental ill, one is a bit slow and the other has issues with any thing new, so what was I trying to do?
Get myself killed?
Chased out into the back yard and forbidden to use the kitchen ever again?
No. actually the guys are really great, that accept that i prepare very good meals for them and experiment a lot.
The Chicken livers, cooked with bacon and onions and served with rice and salad was a huge hit with requests for more of it other days.
Next time I think I will make it in a Cajun "dirty rice" manner.
The Tofu? No one at the table has had Tofu they liked.
I prepared it with sesame oil and toasted sesame oil, sesame seeds, ginger, Scallions (thanks to my Italian neighbor), celery, 2 bags of oriental frozen vegetables, a can of black beans and some left over Lawry's Sesame/ginger marinade.
The Tofu was not a meat substitute, but rather something to get all the flavors of what I had in the pot.
I served it with plain white rice.
I am writing this, so none of the above horrors occurred.
We did not order pizza.
There was nothing left of the dinner, they ate it, enjoyed it and went back for seconds.

Thanks for all the suggestions.
The Tofu
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