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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I can blame Ricardo for this one

Actually, there is nothing in my blogs that is not true, but pull me out of a closet, I will say 10 Honest things about myself, that you might not know.
1) I am not a big sports fan, but I like, of all teams, the Astros. Not Strange since my origins are from Houston.
2) I never did drugs (except caffeine) or even tried a cigarette.
3) As a geek, I wrote all the database programs that the lab uses for everyday stuff.
4) Chemistry was my first love and knew I was going to do it in my Sophomore year of High school.
5) I love to garden, that and making wine would be my choice for a life after work.
6) I have never been married. I came close once, to the wrong person.
7) In that light, I have had several dear loves of my life. The 2 closest ones died of illnesses before any thing permanent happened.
8) I do live in spiritual Community, which at this point is scattered over 2 states, but hope fully we will all get to be together in Virginia in the near future.
9) as my posts indicate, I also love to paint as an artist, but I do not seem to be limited to the canvas because I will create walk ways and stone works and gardens which I think are every bit the same as creating on a canvas.
10) I used to help out my friend, who now works developing music for hotels and restaurants, when he did straight edge raves and I loved it. Still like the music (techno, trance, trip hop). At these events I set up special effects, lights, lasers, smoke etc.. all was great fun.
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