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Friday, May 1, 2009

Humor me

I actually have been slowly getting my dry whit back.
It popped out now and then, before but now it is fairly regular and comes out at unbeknown times and places.
It isn't nasty or cruel and can be fun.
It was gone a long time and I am glad it is back, it makes my life more fun.
I know that it used to be a way of getting back at someone, that portion seems to be gone and I am glad, this is more fun! It is playing and playful and i say wacky things with it.
It comes in a conversation, so i can not really post with it except in replies.
There is some improvement in my eyes, which actually makes life more difficult and I actually fell down because of it last night and that might explain the rise of this humor.
I can not yet take off the glasses to read, but many times there is a inverse doubling of images with them.
I am enjoying this.
I am working on a gravel walkway in the backyard. i have the memories of my older best friend guiding me a lot. It is interesting how close he is. I do not remember my own Grandfather, I was 5 when he died, but I have no memories of him. I actually have few memories before the age of 8. The ones I do have are interesting - like remembering running away on my tricycle when I was 2 & 1/2 or being baptized in the Greek Church in Norfolk when I was 3 & 1/2. I checked out my memories and they were very accurate except that I had it as a church in Washington DC, but the layout was exactly right.
It feels like freedom is coming.
A wing,
a dove,
a love,
a prayer.
It comes.
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