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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rainy Days

Not an environmental post! I have separated the two ideas in 2 separate blogs.
I thought may be I would give an idea of what is going on.
Fist a lot of activity in my eyes, so much so could NOT use my glasses to do something with the computer this, morning, i could work with out the glasses tho...
Now that the glasses are able to be use, when I am up. things move around a bit so I sway!
So because it is rainy, I could not work on any of my projects in the yard, but I did get a picture of my favorite spring flower, the Bleeding Heart.

The "I am not painting people" post described some of those projects, pictured below.

But I am painting, with all the activity in the eyes, I decided I would do some more on my large project. It is a challenge. My first 2 photos of it are temporarily misplaced, but this is what I started with today.

We will see where it goes. It is one of the largest watercolor on board that I have attempted.
Take that back, it is the largest (20 x 29).
The memory I have of this farm house are over a year old the photos are older.
I have spent some time there with a number of my community. my older best friend and my mom (who grew up on a farm just like this in the 1920s).Early morning is the best time, it is quiet, except maybe the doves cooing. There is no city noise, little road noise. One can get there thoughts together and find solace, if not peace.
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