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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back to Stamford

I have not left and returned, but instead of me posting more drivel of my trial and tribulations with my "Adventure", i figured to do a post on something that caused a lot of controversy, the Mill River park.
The issue with the Cherry trees is over, the ones that are going to be cut down and the ones that are left are beautiful and look right for a beginning.
For those of you who miss Cherry trees, take a walk one block to the west on Schuler Ave, in front of Sacred Heart Church and viola, you have Cherry trees of about the same age as those that were on the banks of the Mill River.
They are in full bloom and are really nice.
Pictures to prove it.

Now I disliked the Mill River for many reasons that have nothing to do with all the reasons that the Park is being re-done.
I considered this part of the Mill River a cesspool and I have the bacteria tests to prove it!
I thought it stank and was not healthy for anyone.
I thought it was the poorest way to allow drainage water to leave Stamford and go into the Sound.
The one beach that it empties in front of, has been closed for lots of reasons, and one of those was an extremely variable bacteria count that made it impossible to determine if it was ever safe to swim in.
Changing the concrete barriers to a natural river bank will do a great deal to change that.
Removing the dam will make it flow, which means fewer mosquitoes and that is a good thing.
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