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Friday, April 3, 2009

Before the adventure

It is funny how stirring up memories goes, one comes up and then another and then another. Yesterday thinking about the tumor made me remember that things actually started about this time when a crazy doctor (no names here) was all worried about my PSA, there was a lot of confusion in his presentation and ended up seemingly had me make the diagnosis. I know that sounds strange, but he started he a slightly elevated PSA tested and said, well there are other things that could cause this and proceeded to list them, an infection, an enlargement of the prostate or cancer. Now the presentation kind of freaked me so I go for the exam - prostrate was normal, then a two eek course of antibiotics and another blood test, the level actually went up a bit. I was freaked, that in my mind left one option. The Doctor said he had to do a biopsy and I scheduled one. In the meantime, I talked with every one I knew who had this procedure (an also had a problem) and they said it was no big deal, it really would not hurt. I also talked to my regular doctor who reassured me that if it was (and he was by no means certain as the other doctor seemed to be), this was very treatable and I should not be overly anxious. I went to the test and contrary to every thing I had heard, it hurt like particular hell and was glad I did not go back to work. It was ok and there was no cancer and I decided I would never return to this doctor again.
This was the second major item that happened before the real issue occurred. And they all happened in 2008.
Things do seem to happen in 3's.
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