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Thursday, April 2, 2009


It has almost been 8 months since I started on my adventure, but really it has been a bit more because it started when I found out about the Tumor in July. Actually July 3rd. I know I had no idea what I was headed into. At that time I was actually too afraid of dying from the thing and actually kind of froze in my mind and heart. It was just before the operation that I loosened up and was not longer petrified. It is a good thing because what the operation was like was not fun at all. I still barely talked about it before the operation and definitely not on this blog. I remember having to sign something which said I agreed to the procedure and the procedure could result in my death. I remember waking up after they sewed me up, but before I should have with the doctor saying in a very loud voice "He's NOT breathing people!" Then I faded to unconsciousness, woke up gagging with plastic tubes in my mouth and I pulled them all out (That is Why the swallowing problem!). The poor Nurse practitioner trying to convince me not to cough while the anesthesiologist drugged me one more rime. I woke and it was late, 6 PM, I had gone in at 7 in the morning. My body hurt, my head did not, there was no feeling back there at all. I was taken to ICU which I remember only vaguely.
This of course is why it has taken so long. It took me until a few months ago to view the Cat scan they made of the tumor, it was large, 2 or 3 inches across, but it is no more. It no long threatens my life. It is gone!
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