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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Low Wednesday

That appears to be a pattern, in my up and down cycle that I have been on since entering this adventure, today was no exception. My eyes felt like they were swimming, so I became tired quickly, my emotional struggles on how I am doing are exactly that, struggles. Sometime I feel good, almost elated, other times almost a a despair point. I have no explanation of either, there is activity and progress, but is so slow as to be virtually unperceivable by me.
At work, I had fun with statistics showing that children 6 and under are more likely to be bit in the head area by a tick, where for everyone, the legs are the main point with arms and head following.
This happened cause someone asked a question. That happens, a question prompts curiosity, which gets me working on one of our databases. Still I am tired and will rest some more.
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