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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The weekend

Kindness gives birth to kindness
Love gives birth to Love
Hate has a way of coming back and biting us in the ass
and fear paralyzes

So the right side of my brain started with me this morning and so I thought about the amazing kindness that has been shown me through this adventure and i am in awe.
Wednesday I had my friend, who is a reiki master, come over for dinner. She is very comfortable being with the four of us guys and I enjoy being able to share my cooking skills off to her. She is a vegetarian and so when I invite her over, it is a night with no meat. Now for the other 3 guys, this is a bit difficult, so I have to do a really good job in being creative. I do not believe in fake meat, if I am eating vegetables and not meat, that is what I am eating (no turkey shaped tofu).
This meal I went Mexican, especially since in those really poor villages, meat is a luxury reserved for festive occasions. Apparently my enchiladas were a big hit with every one.
Then she did a session with me, which is basically a laying on of hands for healing and it was very powerful. There has activity and feeling in the back of my head since and improvement in the separation of the 2 images I see.
Tomorrow, us four guys are serving down at Pacific house. There will be close to 60 people for whom this is their meal of the day. The Lutheran church gave us guidelines that I have modified and hopefully when I finish pitting it together, anyone would want what I cook, not just those who are hungry.
The changes are from spaghetti with meat sauce to spaghetti with meatballs and a Bolognese sauce (I am going to try anyway). We also bought cheese for the pasta that wasn't in the guideline)
A salad with iceberg lettuce, cucumber, carrots and celery. Since Iceberg is more common, I will keep some, but it has no nutritional value, so I will add Romaine.
They wanted plain ice cream cups, but we found ice cream sundae cups.
A little packet of jelly beans and chocolate eggs will be there also.
Italian bread, butter and cookies we did not change.
Hopefully it will turn out okay and everyone will like it.
I wanted to add fruit, but we backed away from it for now. Maybe for a future time.
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