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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Wow, what a day!
It seems that i am doing the work of a full time person in my pitiful 5 and 1/2 hours.
We will know that the beaches are okay for swimming (if that was ever in doubt with the water temperature at 52) and a couple of new pools will be open for Memorial day.
West beach had its swimming area extended south a bit, so there was more sampling there.
We checked the old Southfield beach and i expect that when the Mill River finishes its things, that will be an okay place for swimming. (right now only a boating club which gives under privileged children a chance to learn boating uses the area for being in the water).
Me, I was tired today, but still a bit better. I will see if I am able to do an errand after work soon, then I will extend my hours a bit again.
I am down to 6.9 hours of sick time left, but I will work this out.
The tiredness gets me a bit frustrated, but i am not down.
There are a number of a caring people in my life and they are helping me out.
It was always hard for me to accept help and so being significantly dependent of people is the last thing for me to accept.
It is funny, when I realized that i almost died on the operating table after the operation, i was not upset. Before the operation, i was petrified of dying.
When i lost all my strength and could barely walk, i was bothered, but not upset. I just became determined to get better.
When i lost my cognitive functions in November, it was not so bad because i just operated by my heart I can laugh about it now, even though others are still scared for me.
I found the people most important to me, because even the poorest one, who did not have a car , would visit me at times.
I lost the things that were important to me (i know i keep saying that, but it is true) and found they were not that important.
I found the things that were most important to me.
See what a tough day does to me?
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