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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Frustration, no complaining

As numerous things seem not to be happening for me, i will admit to being frustrated.
Each item is fairly major and the blocks to obtaining them seem fairly major.
Not one of the blocks has anything to do with me!
The simple example is that I wanted to refinance my condo that i have in Virginia. It will be where i live when i leave the city, but now it is rented and as such is an "investment" property.
I have a great credit score and meet all the qualifications, except that the condo complex is more than 51% rented. No one will touch me, but it took the bank 3 months before they could tell me this.
The lady who finally told me this was expecting me to get really upset, but i was not. There will be another way.
My eyes have kinda stopped moving, but i still get to work only 5 & 1/2 hours because after that , while i am sitting still, the room is moving. Not easy. But i am not considered a "hardship" case, so I can not get anymore sick time from the sick bank. I actually laughed at this one, while my co-workers got very upset. I am working with the Union on this one.
Trying to post on my environmental blog has had me frustrated because the HTML/XML from Microsoft is not compatible with this blog.
It took one more block, on something as simple as accessing a secure website, that i could not make happen and then could not even reach on the phone because of "security" blocks, that i burst out laughing.
There was simply nothing else to do. I could not get upset, there was NOTHING i could do!
I was amazed.
Then this morning a post by Sweet Mango, just reaffirmed everything nicely.
I am smiling.
I will keep trying and things will open up.
I am assured of this deep in my heart.
I am thankful still.
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