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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So what happened?

The Optometrist told me what I knew, things are getting better. They had measurements to prove it though.
They did not change the prisms in the glasses, but that is okay, the time will come.
I do have another appointment next month, we will see! (pun is intended)

The powers that have the authority to grant me extra sick time from the sick bank, will not.
It turns out that because i have vacation time and am WORKING, even if it is part-time, I do not qualify for the serious needs clause. This did not phase me, I will approach my union concerning this because they have told me that this was not how it was to work.

My dear friend Jenny had her check for rent stolen and cashed. The thief was caught on video and I think that will work out, but she is out cash money that was also stolen at the same time. It almost sounds like the landlord did not change the locks from the previous tenant.
She is upset (rightfully so), but she standing strong. I will try to make sure she is okay (if she lets me, she is strong willed in that way).

I stayed till 1:30 at work and did okay! Had to crash when i came home, but that is okay. I am up now and doing well.

I will do my vegetarian Mexican meal tonight. I have to get lentils so i can do some good Indian food and/or some fresh vegetables for Italian. These are easy to cook and keeps me in touch with the world.

Strange, but positive day.
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