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Sunday, May 17, 2009


I figured thing were going to break open soon.
Not everything, but enough to know the dam is breaking and the water is finally ending this current drought.
I have weird gut insights to such things.
This is the start, the beginning of June is the next.
You doubt?
Lets just say that in July 2008, I told the Merrill Lynch broker to get rid of my mothers stocks. My mother did not listen and we all know what happened.
Nothing to do with knowledge, just a gut feeling.
At the end of February I said thing will start looking up, so wait a few months before you sell any more.
Hmmm? Got that one also.
I claim no knowledge, just this crazy gut feeling.
It helps,. It is not all about money. It is about people and sensations and whatever.
I just know things are looking up, even if they look like they are heading the other way.
And that is only for me and those I connect to personally.
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