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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy "I am not a Father's Day"

I thought a bit about this post.
In this area, I have no bitterness, no remorse, I am not a father. I do not have any children.
My own father past away a number of years ago and so there is no reason for me to celebrate this day as it stands.
I would not have been good with children, I know this and I know I would have passed along my genes which are just plain too intelligent, too athletic and too mediocre for it to do a child any good. In some ways I might make a good grand parent cause I also can not say no easily. All the kids in the neighborhood figured that out quickly.
That does not make a good parent.
I am serious when I say this, I figure things out too easily and my current "adventure" really proves it to me. Somewhere I realize that one of the reason I get so exhausted is that I am putting out tremendous energy everyday to do my "job" and apparently it is work very few people can do and i am doing it with seriously distorted vision.
So course being too "smart" also makes for poor relationships in many ways, sometimes the emotions are neglected and then become way too "needy". That does not help anything.
So today for my choice, not to pass along my disasters to any offspring, I celebrate 'not a father, Father's day"?
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