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Monday, June 22, 2009

No, I won't go there

That is correct, I will not. Coming up from the doldrums, fighting all the way, one thing that keeps popping up is that I have gone through something very major, but i am on the upward swing.
Waiting for my co-worker to bring me samples at 1 this afternoon (beach samples mind you, who is going to beach in this weather?) I was waiting, I received a call and it was my friend, Jenny. Her oldest daughter was up from North Carolina for her son's graduation from high school and youngest daughter's graduation from 5th grade. I had asked to meet her oldest and this was her asking to stop by my house. She did not have to do this, she did it anyway. They did not stay, but it was awesome that they did stop. Jenny has made decisions that allow her to survive, i may not like them, but I understand them. It is not her fault I only wish the best for this lady who has a caring heart.
To the people who can not figure me out, to bad. I have gone through something major and survived. that in itself it very awesome.
Is my life great? No, i do have to fight daily just to be at a normal level.
Is it easy? Not a chance in hell.
Am i out of my down? Yes, right now I am, tomorrow maybe not.
This is still a roller coaster.
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