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Friday, June 12, 2009

Perceptions and music

There is an edge in my heart,
It flashes heat and rage at times.
It sees with a clarity I never knew before.
It now sees oppression and hypocrisy,
that is closer than I ever dreamed.
We do not know how good we have it.
We do not know how close we are to losing it all.

I will not speak any more about this save that the right side of my brain is real active.
It is feeling and seeing a lot.

Today I will talk about music, because growing up I really did not like music.
Even as a teen, the only "group" I could deal with was Simon and Garfunkel and that was it.
Everything else was painful or useless.
I knew some music and even today, I have vague ideas of what and who are in groups I like, but I listen to the music and know precious little about the musicians.
What do i like now?
In my massive CD and record (vinyl) collection, I think I have more than 13,000 songs and just like my massive book collection (where I have read everything), I have listened to it all and kept the ones I liked only.
The music spans from classical to Rap and everything in between. I have a mp3 of Edison's first recording, "Mary had a little Lamb" and some very old 38's of vaudeville music.
I have LP recording releases and remixes of some of the latest music.
It depends what mood I am in to what i listen to, but mostly as I recover I listen to a short list of uplifting piano music from Michael Gettle and George Winston, fisherfolk (unabashedly christian), Nicholas Gunn and Alice Gomez (Native American Flute and drum) predominately. They are what seems to keep me alive. It is not that I do not like trance or Jazz or Peter Gabriel anymore, but those are not what is fighting the edge in my heart at this time. And I need all the means at my disposal to fight that edge or it will take over and it will not be good.
I follow Adam's World to keep up with some of the music that is current and keep in touch with my friend Scott who is still making music after a lot of years.
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