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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Walk about

These beautiful sunny Sundays are bringing the best out in me. I took a walk again to downtown. I keep meeting people I know. A question remains, why do people keep putting money in the meter when parking is free on Sundays and Holidays?
Ran into Rosa again, eating at the newer Peruvian restaurant in town. I said hi, but no more. There is no need. No need to be mean or nasty or ignore her. Just hi and I walked on. There were a few more pepole out, but i was an hour earlier. There were lots of people in the ethnic restaurants (Peruvian and Mexican) not much else. There were people in the park by UConn. There is not much to attract people downtown on a lazy Summer Sunday. Too bad. There was a small parade at the Italian Catholic Chuch by my house earlier, that was mice.
Not art or music during the lazy Sundays. I guess there is no money in it.
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