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Monday, July 13, 2009


Mot about my eyes, well maybe a bit. People are telling me I look real good. They see me at work, doing what i used to do. They see me around the house doing things, in the garden, in the kitchen. They see me painting with my water colors.
I was told several times how good I look, one even characterized it at 99%.
There is a misperception. I really am only doing about 60%, but while I am active i am giving everything i have, i guess i could characterize it as 139%.
Of course that mean I go home early and collapse, but people still don't get it. They see me as lucky to be going home early. They think I am doing things they can't because go home early to do things.
Today was a really good day, I was at work till 2 PM. I was inspired, investigating my database on ticks and Lyme disease and symptoms and treatment. At the end, it took me 2 hours to recover, but that is me.
I walked downtown on a beautiful Sunday, I will do it again, but it does tire me out.
I am doing the work that took me 8 hours, in 6. Of course there is no lunch break yet, but that is how much effort I am putting in to this. I am helping people. That is a real plus and some how inspiring some of them who do realize what is going on. That is amazing.
I am ok, but I know that most people do not have a clue how NOT okay I am.
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