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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some one thinks I am sweet!

Sweet! I tell you!
I had a very difficult day, mostly in terms of sheer volume of work and a meeting (yes, Stamford people it was about Scofield Park). More samples from Greenwich Sewage treatment plant outfall, positive tick results to call, mulling over the implications of what i found in the tick database, Darien beaches, well water questions, lots of tick questions and that meeting. My head was spinning, it was good. Today I did not make it pat 1:30 PM, but I accomplished a lot!
Then I come home and after my rest, I find this award:

Sweet! Some actually thinks I am sweet! Well it is from PheromoneGirl and I could not have been made happier! It did make my other wise difficult day easier to handle.
For what ever reason, she liked my Strange Days post, which is actually very funny if you ask me.
I will need to wait to see who is most addicting (but htne most of you are, so I may do the same thing that she did.
Another day is tommorrow.
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