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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One of those days

I walk to the shore and wade into the shallow water.
The still water erupts with waves crashing against me.
I flail against them to no avail.
I am hurtled to the sand.
The waves stop and I get up,
bruised and battered, but now standing again.

Today I was overwhelmed. The calls and the samples came pouring in.
There were decisions and advice and actions and in this I am alone. with no one to assist me.
They have their other work to do and it is why while I was out, the environmental portion of the lab came to a super slow down. And there are the ticks and the info on Lyme and beach closures and why and the Scofield Park questions.
Our secretary said that she had not seen it so busy, I was out most of last summer and that was her first summer with the lab.
I got short with one caller who wondered why the hot line had not been changed.
I got a bit put off by some one else who really is not in the zone for the Scofield park wanting those tests for her water.
I was overwhelmed.
Some day I need a day off to get my self recharged.
The weekend is coming.
I could see fine even until 2, but I was wavering when I stood, i went home.
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