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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finding my limits

I said no to a number of people today.
I was not doing it because I was overwhelmed, I was doing it so I would not be overwhelmed.
I started last night, this "no" saying. It helps.
I was tired when I came home at 1:30 PM, but I was Not overwhelmed.
I have been pushing myself since the surgery in August 2008, I have not stopped.
Today I stopped, waved a white flag for myself and know that is is for my own good that I do so.
I also said yes to a break, the 15 minute one that I am supposed to get, but sometimes do not.
I actually took care of me. I rejected a third set of samples from Darien (accepted 2 new ones because they might tell me and them something important), I said no to a meeting a 8:30 Am and scheduled it for Monday morning. I did not stop my coworker when she started talking about nothing in particular, but that was a good thing, because i might have started to make the media I need for more testing and that would have been a bit much. I was told several times how good I am looking (mostly to wrangle me to do something), I said no anyway.
I think I have found my boundaries, what i can and can not do and how far I can go. I stopped pushing for a while and that was god.
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