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Saturday, July 18, 2009

A day makes a difference

I went for a walk today and the sleepy Sunday town that was Stamford was not. There was a lot of traffic, a lot of poeple, the little shops on Bedford were open and there was business.
My first stop was looking at the unusual thing they are doing at the Mill River. What a mess! Half way through to what??? Ugh.
Walked further and stopped by Curly's Dinner. It is a hole in the wall, a greasy spoon that serves a true purpose. Their clientele will never be able to go to Napa or Market or Duo. They are not loaded with vermin as the rumors purports. They have fought a successful fight against eminent domain and general harassment from businesses who want them gone. The owners are friendly (and they are Greek as well and women as well) and really do serve a purpose. I know that those in power want the poor and homeless out of Stamford, but while they remain, Curly's will be here.
My walk down Bedford Street found the little farm market (touted as a French market by the powers that be). It was pleasant and not any different than what was at Columbus Park in years past. Fresh produce, baked gods and jellies and a small tea vendor (Ducky Life Tea). All was clean and pleasant and i bought some tea.
A very nice time to be out as it was less humid than the previous 2 days and there was a good breeze.
My only wish is that there would be NO traffic on Bedford (close it! and reroute traffic).
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