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Friday, July 10, 2009


Like last night having 2 strong Margaritas and feeling better today than I had in awhile.
Or finding that the beach survey was published this month (July) in the Journal of Environmental Health, instead of August (especially since they pushed so hard for the drafts).
Or finding a new friend and making sure she is only a friend, but having some good feeling about her.
(Why only a friend? Well she does exhibit real signs of schizophrenia, but she also went through the same kind of operation I did at the same time, that why!)
(I told you that I would rather deal with people with real diagnosed mental illness (she does) than some of the undiagnosed people in the world!)
Finding the courage to ask Jenny out and not getting a negative responce (that was good enough),
No more than that, but it is enough.
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