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Friday, July 31, 2009

Finished for now

My "muse" seems to have taken a short leave, which is good cause I do not know to explain things well using it.
I had some great encouragement this week from a friend a work telling me how well am I compared to when I first came back to work.
This was not a "You look fine, I need something from you now" talk. This was "do you realize how much you have improved?" statement which was very encouraging.
I generally find my greatest support from people who actual work with people instead of those enforcing ordinances.
A picture for you to try to understand.

It is my glasses with the real world over the top and what I see is the both commingled. The images from both my eyes are mot aligned with each other or reality and so I get two completely clear 2 dimensional images on top of one another.
It really is strange.
I am definitely working 6 hours a day, mostly because the eye strain is intense. My other strength is improving.
And just like grant they have me coming in on Sunday for a short stint. It should not be a problem cause I will just rest the rest of the time.
Yes it is coming from those who have no idea of how to comprehend what I am dealing with, everything is really about them.
There is also a strange curse knowing several languages, a friend was talking on the phone with someone I think she is interested in and said I was "feo" or ugly, not handsome.
I thought it would bother me, but I don't care about being pretty or handsome, I am just glad to be alive.
I actually am doing well even with all the rain.
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