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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Going too deep

As I seemed to have lost my Stamford people (at least as far as comments go), i will return to my strange explorations.
Monday evening i was faced with an old fear. It is fairly non-descript, so i have no real handle on it, but it stretches back from before i have any memories and has affected many relationships.
Some of its actions are easy to describe, need for control of me, not being able to flow, heck, being frozen in place! These are not interesting and very frustrating, but may be at the source of my conflict between the creative, spontaneous side and my analytical, cautious side.
At this moment the analytical side seems to be taken control, i am not ready for that ride yet.
And yet....

Even tho i see only darkness,
the stars still shine.
Even tho the night is bleak around me,
i know the dawn is just below the eastern sky.
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