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Monday, July 6, 2009

A Walk about Stamford

Sunday afternoon about 4 or 5 I took a walk about downtown Stamford. i did it for the exercise, but discovered some unusual things.
The first is on some of the old sidewalks on the inside portion, there is this odd square shaped piece of marble. I have noted 4 of them. One on main near the senior apartments on the South side of the street. the other 3 are going up the hill from Mill River Rd.

The Mill River is looking like a river now, instead of a cesspool. They need to clean the junk next.
I ran into my friend Paula of "Stamford, the place that work?" or "Strictly Stamford", whatever.
I wanted to be her boyfriend, but she just wanted me as a friend, my loss.

Saw the back door of Il' Falco was opened as always, with no screen door. I know the HD has been there, but nothing has been sited so it remains open for any bug to come in.

Downtown Stamford's restaurants seem much busier than in the past, but this is still a very quiet little town.
One last thing, indeed Paula had it right about Uncle Dia's and the up coming precious. My understanding is that they really took the place apart to get rid of "vermin".
When it opens it should be great!
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