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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A helping hand

I have several people I can count on for extreme support at my job. The first was our first clerical help in the lab, 23 years ago. She had moved on to bigger and better thing in the building, but will drop everything and listen when i come by.
The second is a Reiki master and is a counselor with our AIDS program. Today as I was leaving and was having a particularly difficult time, she stopped, grabbed my head and cleared it in a minute.
The third, who is the most needy, will call if it is raining to give me a ride in and stops just to see how I am. She has lots of needs, is one of the working poor, but cut off her long 3 foot beautiful hair earlier this year to give to cancer patients who had lost theirs.
These are really important people...in my life and my heart. This post is only to ackknowledge their help and to say thanks.
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